Bath and Brush

  • Hand massaging bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner chosen specifically for your pets individual coat, skin, and styling.

  • Nail trimming and filing

  • Ear cleaning, and ear hair removal as needed

  • Gentle, external anal gland expression, as needed

  • High velocity fluff drying

  • Brushing and combing

  • Finishing spray and cologne

  • Bows, bandannas, collar/neck bow ties/wraps 


This package is ideal for in between full haircuts, breeds that don't require full trims, or for new puppies or rescues that are in need of a grooming but still learning that a "Spaw Day" is a glorious and much needed part of life!  Our mini's include the full bath and brush package above, plus a sprucing up on their face, feet, and potties, as needed per your breed. Paw pads with be clipped clean, feet rounded, eye corners and bang/visors edged and cleared free of excess hair and debris, and belly/potty areas neatened. 

All Over Hair Cuts

This package includes our full bath and brush package plus your choice of an all over haircut based on your specific styling guidelines, trim's based on AKC breed standards, or as needed per your pet's specific coat or health condition. No matter which styling is desired, all over trims come with a beautiful hand-scissor finish.

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is offered on a case by case basis.


  • Now offering the PlaqClnz System for your pet's oral health! Visit to learn more!

  • Soft nail caps 

  • Nail polish

  • Demat

  • Excess deshed

  • Rx Medicated Shampoos

  • Specialty brush/combs/sample size shampoos/colognes/etc

Please let us know when scheduling if extras will be added, so that we can schedule the appropriate time block, and/or order your specialty items in advance.


We are based out of Alvin, Tx and serve our surrounding communities such as Friendswood, Pearland, League City, Fresno, Rosharon, Missouri City, Santa Fe. Please view our service area map HERE.

Monday - Friday  9 am-5 pm. 

By appointment only.

Operating hours are not necessarily available appt times.

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